Travel Industry
When your mission is to develop, promote, market and sell a premier visitor destination, your marketing must be creative and rewarding to the audience. Videography and Photography can be used to attract your audience and double for PR campaigns. A constant use of Social Media channels will keep your audience engaged and spread any objective organically, especially when combined with influencers.
"Sidney totally nailed it every-time and with a quick turnaround. All photos and videos turned out great. He totally captures the day. Thank you so much!"
Lindsay Miller
Communications Manager at Visit Anaheim
The Travel Industry is extremely diverse with focus ranging from local cities to overseas travel. No matter the focus, we have the knowledge to adapt fast and think creatively. Swimm Social helps Travel companies win more business and generate more interest.

To focus on interest generation, our team will develop media that highlights the destination of interest. Stunning video and imagery has been proven to create desire to visit or travel. Visuals paired with social media is a must. Our team can take your social media to the next level to win organic and expand reach to new audiences. For sales, we focus on lead generation and traffic building. We put your company in front of audiences who travel or have an interest in your destinations available. Paid ads combined with branding will give your customers social proof and confidence to choose you for their travels.

Without proper media and marketing, your destination will not receive the attention it deserves. Count on our team to win you more business and put your destination in the spotlight.
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