If your ideal customer views your media and isn't excited to visit/host at your venue, you need to create new media immediately. Venues can attract various types of audiences which leads to the marketing needing to be diverse, creative, and communicative. Tell the story of your space through ever-changing campaign content. Build a general use stack of creative for your partners or online channels. Or document important events. In the venue space, there's endless ways to promote, but one thing is sure, your media must sell the venue inside and out without ever taking a foot through the door.
"Sidney is an outstanding artist who has provided us with high-impact videos to drive awareness and increase sales for our venue. He is talented, creative and professional. He has a wonderful sense of timing and is able to capture fleeting moments within live music and dance entertainment in ways that are unrivaled by his peers. It was essential for us to find someone that could adapt, move quickly and work fast. Sidney performed beyond our expectations. Furthermore, he is friendly and works well with our team. Highly recommended!"
Heather Heleloa
Director of Marketing at The Ranch
Does your Venue stand out online? Does your media tell the story of your space and give a complete visual representation that makes viewers excited? Swimm Social helps Venues craft multichannel media that drives awareness and increases sales.

Multimedia content just doesn't cut it. Phone videos and photos or inexperienced "professionals" will leave your venue looking old, boring, and uneventful. We create high-impact content that makes your audience say "Wow". From our carefully crafted videography to our high resolution photography, you'll receive media that is ready for distribution to your partners, social channels, website, and more.

It's time to make your Venue stand out and win business. When your potential customer is able to visualize how your space can be used, it's an easy sell. Trust in our team to take your vision to the next level and help your sales team with high production media that doesn't break the budget.
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